Help / Wires

What is Wires?

Wires lets you build interactive wireframes right in your web browser. Wireframes are like blueprints for electronic interfaces you see in websites, applications, and other software. Creating wireframes before other work begins helps you stay creative, share your ideas, and explore new opportunities you may have otherwise overlooked. Wires was built to be fast, easy, and accessible on just about any device you own. There are no plugins and no requirements to use Wires other than having a decent modern-era web browser installed on your computer or device. This is wireframing for the web, built on the web.

Projects and pages

Your Wires content is organized into projects and pages. A project is like a folder, and can contain as many pages as you can dream up. A page is essentially a blank canvas on which you can draw boxes, lines, text, and icons to create your wireframe documents.

No need to save

In the spirit of making Wires fast and easy, we’ve eliminated all the silly barriers that might stand between you and your work. You never have to worry about saving your changes. Everything you do is automatically tracked by your browser. We save your work every sixty seconds, any time you leave the page, or any time you close your browser window or tab.

Keyboard shortcuts

Working with your keyboard can save you loads of time. Hover over any button, link, or feature in the Wires interface to see if it has an associated keyboard shortcut. Use these shortcuts to display menus, activate buttons, or even nudge widgets around the canvas with your arrow keys. QuirkTools is built to work equally as well with a keyboard and mouse, a touch screen, or even an audial screen reading software.

Having trouble?

Wires works best with modern web browsers like Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. Be sure to disable any toolbars or browser add-ons that might interfere with the page you’re browsing. Most notably, website accelerators and add-ons that insert content into the page can sometimes confuse the QuirkTools bots and disrupt your nicely formatted documents. If you continue to have problems, feel free to get in touch and let us know.

Bugs and known issues